Mary Ellen Maloney
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Mary Ellen Maloney - "5 Stars for Outstanding Service and Support - Mary Ellen Maloney exceeded my expectations throughout the entire selling process and was incredible through every stage of selling my home. She was an ally, friend, and advisor and helped me navigate a difficult time in my life—one year after my husband's passing.

I felt like I was constantly “ahead of the curve” at every step of the process, which was entirely due to Mary Ellen's thoroughness and dedication experience and wisdom. She frequently went out of her way to make the process seem effortless. I always knew Mary Ellen had me covered. I cannot imagine a better experience and cannot wait to refer other people moving forward. - Carolyn L.


The Important Part of my Successful Home Purchase - When I began my house purchasing journey; I, like many others, was new to the activity. It would be my first house I've purchased since leaving home and starting out on my own. The experience can be challenging for some without the time commitment and meticulousness in aligning the set of variables to the candidates for future purchase. This is where the quality of your team co-lead by way of your Realtor is what brings the mission objective home 

I interviewed a selection of Realty agents before partnering with Mary Ellen Maloney for her transparency and demonstration of competency. We engaged in the process to evaluate a number of candidates for just under a year.  In that time, I was able to lead the search while Mrs. Maloney continuously evaluated my needs compared against those of the properties.  She excelled at ensuring all matters and aspects of potential candidates were considered and respectfully provided me professional guidance by which I was able to make wise decisions. 

She was neither a 'yes' person and understood that this would be a purchase that I would have to be happy with.  Myself being a neophyte to this activity, she worked with my Mortgage Lender and Attorney resulting in me saving a significant amount of money on what would be my ultimate purchase.  I have been happy with my purchase ever since.  To this date I recognize Mary Ellen not as my realty agent but my partner in this endeavor and am beyond appreciative to have worked with her now and in the future. - G. Gourdine


Wonderful to Work With! - Mary Ellen is very knowledgeable about the current market. Mary Ellen guided us through the process from staging, listing, showings and then selecting the best offer. She provided great insight on how to compare the many offers that we received. She's easy to talk to about your concerns and she really listens and cares about what you are thinking and wanting. I could not imagine selling a home without her guidance!! - Karen R.


By my side every step of the way. - Mary Ellen has successfully and quickly sold two properties for me over the years. I am 90 years old and sometimes confused and distracted, but Mary Ellen was warm, pleasant, knowledgeable, always with a good sense of humor, and gently but firmly led me down the path I wanted to go. We were in touch daily. I considered her my best friend during this time. She even called me while she was on vacation.

She sold my condo in Glastonbury quickly, and my 4-bedroom Colonial in Marlborough for my asking price within two months. My house was built in 1971 and is considered old in 2022. It had not had many updates. If a repair was needed, Mary Ellen knew exactly who to call, whether a roofer, someone to point the chimney, or someone to check that the electricity was up to date. She quickly returned my often frantic telephone calls and could always put me at ease. Mary Ellen was thorough in her suggestions as to how the house would be staged. She used the word “pristine,” and that scared me. How would I, at 89 years old, ever get it that way? But I followed her suggestions, and the house sold quickly.

Without the feeling that I had Mary Ellen by my side at every step of the way, I would have been lost and confused. She is articulate, reassuring, and specific about all details. I had complete faith in her decisions and looked back at how smoothly we passed through many obstacles in the neglected Colonial, which sold for exactly the price I asked. - Ann P.


Amazing Real Estate Agent - I first met Maryellen when she helped my brother and sister in law find their home years ago! Fast forward a few years and I was looking for a condo! I immediately asked my brother for Maryellen's information since I heard such amazing things! Soon she was helping me with my search! I then met my husband and we got engaged! During this transition in our life we pulled Maryellen into our dream of finding our home!

For about three in a half years Maryellen helped us find our home in such a difficult time for new home owners! Covid drastically changed real estate. Maryellen always had our wish and end goal of a home in her mind! Maryellen was always patient with us, understood our needs, our budget and our wants for a home.

During our home search we then got married and found out we were pregnant! The search began even more with consuming our days with house hunting! We did win offers for a few homes but we had decided to back out of those offers. Every-time we looked at a home Maryellen would be honest with us as if she was our mom. Being completely honest of concerns, thoughts and opinions on pricing and or the home itself ! We feel she always kept our best interest in her heart.

We can honestly say this is more than a job for her she truly engages with her clients and treats them like family! My husband and I found our home in April 2023! If it wasn't for Maryellen's great expertise, knowledge, years of experience, empathy and heart of gold I don't know where we would be in terms of a home! If we had gone with someone else for a real estate agent I think we would still be looking for a home or be in a home that we weren't fully happy with. I am truly thankful we had someone great by our side during this long journey of finding our forever home to raise our daughter in! - Gina & Jeff B.


Will Never Use Another Agent!!! - As the headline states, until Mary Ellen has retired we will not be needing any other agents!

Working with Mary Ellen to purchase our home was a splendid experience, so much that we missed seeing her so often during our search. She is incredibly knowledgeable, does everything above board, and really made us feel confident in her ability to navigate the entire home purchasing process. Mary Ellen never made us feel pressured. Not once did we feel like she was trying to get us to bid on any house just to make a sale.

Throughout the home buying process she always encouraged us to make sure we really loved a home before moving forward. Always helping to remind us that there will be more options and never to rush into anything. We also couldn't believe the amount of patience she had as well as it took us quite a bit to get realistic expectations on what we could afford. Even didn't mind showing us homes that were outside those realistic expectations as well haha.

Mary Ellen was a recommendation to us from a very close friend and she will be the only agent we recommend to anyone else ready to purchase a piece of property. Thanks to all her hard work we were able to purchase a wonderful forever home even in today's crazy real estate market! - Brian And Melanie

She did a great job selling the house. - Mary Ellen knew how to price the house to the market. She handled a difficult tenant and got great pictures of the house. She was easy to work with and kept us informed throughout the process. - Seb A.

Mary Ellen Maloney is everything anyone could wish for in an agent AND MORE! - We were referred to Mary Ellen by a friend who bragged about her level of service, professionalism and expertise. Mary Ellen exceeded all expectations and is a lovely, thoughtful person as well! She is a great listener and was beyond patient with us "city folk" planning a move to the "country" - carless I might add! Her sympathy for our long, arduous weekly treks via ferry, rail and car was visceral & supportive.

She educated us about Connecticut towns, a challenging marketplace and did everything in her power to make this difficult, but ultimately, rewarding search easier for us. As an example, Mary Ellen never shied away from accommodating our naive attempts to explore ALL of Connecticut in a weekend! Instead, she planned itineraries that gave us a clear picture of where in CT suited us best. We were impressed with how quickly she connected and empathized with our unique likes and needs in a new home and life. I call that above and beyond being our agent. I call that being a friend.

Mary Ellen's dedication, commitment and excellent sense of humor shines through. On one of our first trips together to view homes, we were driving, in separate cars, through Wolcott when Mary Ellen stopped unexpectedly so I did as well as did another car on the opposite side of the road. I looked to my right and saw a huge black bear meandering across the road without a care in the world. Now, we are New Yorkers, and can handle the various vermin that come along with city living, but I'd never seen a black bear the size of a house! When we arrived at the next location Mary Ellen coolly looked at me and laughed, "Did you see that bear?" I said, "How could I miss it! Okay, new rule. We want a new home that is less urban than NYC but let's focus somewhere between NYC and the Connecticut black bear population!" And Mary Ellen delivered.

We thank her for our new home, her kindness and are pleased to continue recommending her services to everyone we know! - Adriana D.

Fantastic Selling Experience with Mary Ellen - Mary Ellen was a delight to work with. I felt like I was working with a friend that I have known for years. We spent a lot of time talking and deciding the best approach to stage each room. She always made sure we were comfortable with the choices we were making. She even helped move furniture around, making our job so much easier. She shared her knowledge of the financial process and we were never left with question or unsure how to proceed. She walked us through every step of the process and it couldn't have been easier.

I would recommend Mary Ellen to anyone selling their home that wants a satisfying and comfortable experience. - Melissa F

Would hire her again! - Mary Ellen was wonderful. Very attentive to my needs, which I felt was important considering I had a lot of stuff going on. She was also patient and explained every-thing. I was really worn out from dealing with this house and she got me through it. - Marsha G.